How to Send Mail with Your Writes.Email Address Using Gmail

All Writes.Email users automatically receive email from their Writes.Email address to their email account of choice. But what if you want to send mail using your Writes.Email address in Gmail? Follow these easy-to-follow instructions and you’ll be sending email with your new address in no time.

1. Sign into your Gmail account

to Gmail

2. Open Your Gmail Settings

Open Your Gmail Settings

Click on Gmail Settings

3. Click on “Accounts and Import”

Gmail Click on "Accounts and Import"

4. Click on “Add another email address”

Gmail click on add another email address

5. Enter your name and Writes.Email address

Gmail enter your name and address

6. Enter your Writes.Email Credentials

Use the following information in this form:

STMP Server:
Username: Your Writes.Email address
Password:¬†Your Writes.Email password (provided to you via email). Can’t find your password? Click here to request a new password.

Enter Your Writes.Email Credentials into Gmail

You should then see the confirmation screen below.

Gmail Writes.Email Set-Up Confirmation Screen

7. Check Your Gmail Inbox for the Confirmation Email

Check Gmail Inbox for Confirmation Email

8. Open the Confirmation Email and Click the Link

The link will bring you to a confirmation page.

9. Click Confirm on the Gmail Confirmation Page

Click Confirm on the Gmail Confirmation Page

You can now send email through Gmail using your Writes.Email account.

10. Click “Compose” and then click on the “From” email address to select your Writes.Email Account

Click on From Email Address to Switch Your Email Address

11. Consider setting your Writes.Email Account as Your Default Address in Gmail

If you’d like to set your Writes.Email account as your default “from” address, simply:

  1. Go to your Gmail settings.
  2. Click on “Accounts and Import”
  3. Next to your Writes.Email account click on “make default”
  4. Done!

12. Success!

Congratulations! You can now send email using your Writes.Email account using Gmail!

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