How to Choose the Right Email Address

How to Choose the Right Email Address

Choosing the Right Email Address

Your digital personal brand matters. In 2018, email really matters. You use your email address for more than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a professional or personal email address, there are a few key guidelines to follow.

1. Limit your email address to your name

We all know the pitfalls of using However, is also a bad idea. Keep things simple. Own your name. Own your brand. And keep it front and center.

2. Consider the domain name

In 2018, employers often do a double-take when they see AOL—while still a functioning website—doesn’t exactly scream “tech-savvy job candidate.” Show them you’re a little more hip. You can use Gmail—a reliable choice. Or you can opt for a premium email address service, like

3. Keep it short and sweet

Speed matters. Before you consider a long email address, consider how difficult it will be for someone to remember. If possible, use only your first name in your address. That’ll save space on your business card. And save you time when you give your contact information to colleagues, clients, and friends.

4. Plan for the long haul

While it might seem like a great idea to include the year in your address, resist the urge. That’ll go out of style quickly. More seriously, if you’re planning on getting married or changing your last name for another reason, you may want to omit your last name from your email address. If you’re using a nickname today, consider leaving it out of your address—who knows if you’ll still be using it in a few years.

In conclusion…

You should be proud of your email address. Don’t compromise by adding tacky numbers, abbreviations, or nicknames. Keep it simple and use your real name. Now that you’ve got your stellar address, you can put it on your resume, business card, and more!


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