3 Resolutions that are Worth Keeping

3 Resolutions that are Worth Keeping

New Years Resolutions at Work

Each New Years comes and goes. With each one comes awkward parties, cherished time with family and friends, and what we dread most—our resolutions. We know the story: we go to the gym that first week. But, by the time February comes around, we can’t remember the last time we went. Eventually, we just stop making any resolutions at all.

But there some resolutions that are easy to implement and have the potential to unleash our productivity. Here’s a few to try out at work in 2018.

1. Get that Inbox Under Control—For Real

An inbox with 1,000+ emails in it is not under control. It’s a daily tax on your productivity. It adds to workplace stress. Out of control inboxes make it easy for messages to slip through the cracks—not matter how reliable you are. In 2018, commit to getting to inbox zero and staying there. Here’s a brilliant and easy step-by-step guide on how to make that happen.

2. Become a LinkedIn Superstar

In an effort to entice more users to post updates, LinkedIn’s newsfeed algorithm makes it easy for you to reach far beyond your 1st-degree network. Looking for a job? Got a new degree? Certification? Skill? Finished a big project and want to thank your co-workers? Post about it! Even if you just do it a few times a year (check off the first time for today), you’ll be surprised how many eyeballs will end up seeing your post and your profile.

3. Read More (You’ve been saying this for a while now)

Putting down Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram and picking up a book is hard. And it’s supposed to be—these products are designed to be addictive. Instead, use real-life social networks to your advantage. Find a book club on Meetup—or make one with your friends. You’ll stay motivated, strengthen your relationships, and learn from new perspectives.

More Tips Resolutions

The resolutions listed above are low-effort high-reward resolutions. Tackling a more difficult resolution this year? Consider:

  1. Varying the time of day you work. Some parts of the day you may be more productive. And during others, you may be more creative. Use this to your advantage.
  2. Posting about your progress on social media. Declare your resolutions online today. Tell your friends to ask you for monthly progress reports. Slack off? They’ll get you back on track and respect your bravery.

What are your resolutions this year? Do you have any strategies you’re using to keep them? Let us know in the comments.


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